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In the Eastern Lands of the Dread country, Sylvania, there is an ancient and powerful Hold, one that has seen many a enemy army run in fear as it hears the marches of Dwarven Boots. This Hold is better known as Karak Zhuffbar


During the age of the Ancestor Gods, Dwarfs everywhere were colonising the old world, to the west of the greater part of the Dwarf expansion, the Holds of Karak Varn and Zhuffbar where being mined.

For many a millenia after first being hewn from the Rock of the Mountains these Karaks felt power and wealth like no other holds. Karak Varn being the more mineral rich of the Holds, mined the rare metal Gromril and sent it to Zhuffbar to be smelted and forged into powerful weapons and armour. Over many millenia the Dwarfs of Karak Varn specialised in Mining where as the Dwarfs of Zhuffbar learnt more and more of Smithing, Engineering and Rune forging, Together these Holds created more profit and sent Greater tithes than any other Hold in the Empire, However sadly this was not to last...

After the War of The Beard, the Dwarf Empire was in shambles, many a young dwarf had died in the war, leaving many holds silent. seizing this chance, the Ancient enemies of the dwarfs, the Goblins attacked the Holds of the Dwarfs though to no avail. But sadly the Goblins are not the only foul creatures to call the spien of the worlds mountains home, from beneath the depths great Drakes emerged from their slumber as the dwarves delved ever deeper in the search for Gromril, and a horror unknown until this point finally showed itself, the Skaven. Now when a Hold was attacked, it was no longer just from above, but from down below in the maze of tunnels that were eventually being carved out to extend the hold. First to fall was Karak Ungor, being attacked by Skaven from below and Greenskins from above. next went Karak s all over the empire.

The final holds to be conquered were Karaks Varn (a Dragon attacked the lower Deeps of the hold while a alliance of Skaven and Greenskins broke through the surface thanks to the floodiing of much of the hold), Eightpeaks (Goblins attacked the surface as the Skaven assulted the hundereds of lower deeps) and last of all Zhuffbar (which was reclaimed with the help of Sigmar months later in exchange for the Runefangs).

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