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Overview of WarhammerEdit

This is a page pretty much outlining the basics of what Warhammer: Fantasy Battles game is, not it's rules. It is a struggle for power between two chosen armies over a battle field of fantastic warriors and scenery alike. A table or board with clearly defined edges is what you war on. Whether it be for a scenario, like the evil Goblins setting siege to a small group of Brettonians holed up in their fort awaiting the cavalry to wipe the foul Goblins away, or it could be simply for blood, a Skaven force was on it's way to decimate a village when they met a group of Ogres out for a stroll only ending in blood. Warhammer is a game for you and a friend (or group of friends even!) to just unleash fury with your forces and wipe out the other.

Simple MechanicsEdit

The game is divided into rounds which are then divided into turns to be further divided into phases. I will clarify all that as I go on. First you place models and terrain, then you choose who goes first, usually via die roll. In Warhammer you'll need a massive amount of dice, and two special dice: one artillery die and one misfire die. None the less one person goes first and his turn will go like this. First is Movement, here units march or charge or even just walk if you should want. Right after that is Magic, as its name implies this is when your wizards get to show their stuff. Next comes Shooting, give some love to the archers and artillery these guys will pick off who they can before the next round comes. Finally the last thing you'll do is fight in the Melee phase, the meat and potatoes of the army will slash stab and crush what they can. Technically one or two things could come after melee but it will say so in the rules.

I would like to reiterate the importance of dice. You will roll dice to see how far you charge, you will roll dice to see if you hit and again to see if those hits wound, you will roll dice to see how much magic you charge and much much more. Dice dice dice, in Warhammer the only thing nearly as important as dice is your tape measure. Yup a tape measure. Warhammer doesn't use conventional boards with squares and what not. Nope, they measure charge distances and weapon range in inches (or your equivalence). So if you have a flat surface and models you can play anywhere.

For legitimate rules consult the Big Red Book this was just to wet your appetite.Edit

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