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  • Ulag Da Warlord

    General Strategy

    You are a greenskin now, so reliability is not in your vocabulary.  Well, there really isn’t much vocabulary in greenskin culture anyways, so who needs reliability?  Animosity, low leaderships, slow bodies and minds are the order of the Waaagh’s day, but it is balanced with toughness and blood lust!  Like always, the orc and goblin army is a widely varied list.  They are one of the most fun armies to play because of the customization of the horde.  8th edition rules have breathed life back into this army as the hording rule really brings out the nature of the race.  The all-choppa rule +1 strength bonus first round of combat for even spears, again, really gives these serial killers their nature on the table top.  Will you w…

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