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The Round is the biggest unit of game time, other than the whole game it's self. It is most common for a game to last 6 rounds, at the end of which players determine who the winner is. That said you can have your game last as many or a little rounds as you and your opponent want. The round encompsses one turn for every person playing. In a two player game one round is two turns, a three player game has three turns per round and so on.


This is the time where one player can do everything and is usually the only time a player can do anything. During this, the player choses what to do in all of his phases. Unless you're playing very special house rules you will have only one turn per round. In a game with teams it is up to the players to decide if you will all take individual turns or one single huge turn per allied force. All turns contain four phases.

Phases and Sub-PhasesEdit

Here is where the magic happens, literally. There are four phases per turn and they go as follows; Movement, Magic, Shooting, and finally Combat. In that order!


As it's name implies this is when everything moves, and this is (usually) it's only chance.

Forced MovementEdit

Coming first, this is where things that are required to move, must move. Raging spells whirle around and uncontrolable units run amok.

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