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The Great Book of Grudges is the most sacred object in Dwarven History, every misdeed to their kind, every war waged, can be found in that book, as it is said that the first High King, Snorri White Beard was the first to write upon it.

Since the dawn of Dwarven civilization, the Great Book of Grudges has been there to record their history, it is said that as the book fills with grudges, Dwarfs are pushed under even more stress from attacks and war.

In every page, hundreds of Dwarven names are listed, and those who must be punished so as to release them from wandering the earth. As the pages fill (and over the years the book has only just managed to cross out as many grudges as the new ones roll in from across the empire) so does the Dwarven race diminish. It is believed by some of the most fanatical dwarf worshipers of the Empire, that because of the Rune magic used to bind the book and maintain it, and the blood of the purest line of Dwarfs, the High King, what happens in the book effects all dwarfs.

However now with a new and powerful High King, Thorgrim Grudge-settler, who is patronized for being obsessed with crossing out all the Grudges he can settle with magic axe and Dawi Steel, an onlooker can see clearly that now the Dwarven race is slowly halting in decline. For every grudge that effects a clan is settled, the more generations are born to them.

In such a dark time, Dwarfs are now under even more pressure than before to save their holds and now they have a guide to do so, a powerful object so entwined in the Dwarfs existence that it effects them and their future.

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