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Multiple Small Units Edit

Multiple Small Units (MSU) involves large numbers of small, elite units. One advantage of this is that an entire unit crippled by a war machine is not much of a loss, so war machines do not pose as much of a threat to a MSU army as an army comprised of larger units. Also, because of the number of targets an MSU army presents, ranged units cannot frustrate the MSU army as a whole. MSU armies are used to outmaneuver the enemy and perform combination charges.

But all these advantages come with a price. The units must be small to accommodate the high price of having so many powerful units. It also leaves less room for war machines and heroes. Lastly, the individual units are disadvantaged (being almost always outnumbered) without support from other units. If a larger army ever outmaneuvered the MSU army, the MSU army would lose all its advantages and be left with its disadvantages.

Armies that have high movement and powerful core units (or more special/rare slots) are best suited to these tactics.These include Dark Elves, High Elves, Ogre Kingdoms, and Bretonnia.

Gunline Strategy Edit

The gunline strategy is rarely used by any army other than The Empire and Dwarfs. These armies are the only ones that can field large numbers of handgunners and cannons or other war machines. It relies on destroying much of the enemy army as possible before it reaches the gunline. Often the gunline will be situated on a hill in the corner so that war machines can draw their line of sight over ranged troops. The position prevents the gunline from being flanked or sorrounded.

Scouts and fast moving units are necessary to defeat a gunline. Use scouts to destroy as many war machines as possible before they can be used effectively. Then rush your fastest units (flyers are ideal) and engage the ranged units in combat. The remainder of your army can catch while the gunners are engaged in combat. Gunline armies are usually at a disadvantage in close combat, relying on guns to weaken the army before they get into combat.

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