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The Skaven are a race of evil rat-men that fester in the dark places of the world. Eternally scheming and plotting
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their races ascendancy. Skaven March to battle in great hordes, swarming towards the foe in a mass of frenzied fur and black-clad assassins.

These monsters are the epitome of all that is vile. Skaven are a race of mutated humans that somehow fused with rats to become the warped beasts they are. Meek and treacherous to the extreme, the Skaven would much prefer putting a knife in your back than to attempt a, straight-up, honest fight.

They have an insufferable need to aquire a strange and dangerous material called Warpstone. True to it's name it is a sickly glowing green rock that has mutating effects on a creature. Skaven use it for everything. From powering their guns to shoot arcs of this stuff or when used to combine beasts into the massively powerful Hell-pit abomination.

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