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Grigmor Ironhide

Orks and Goblins are the scourge of the Warhammer world, an unending tide of ferocious raiders trampling a swathe of destruction across the land. Orks and Goblins are angry creatures that live to fight, their only goal is to rampage and slaughter.

It is often said that if all the Orks and Goblins in the Warhammer World formed into one unified force they would quickly conquer all nations. Fortunately, such an occurrence will probably never happen given the Orks propensity for in-fighting. Nevertheless, a WAAAGH!, as their invasions are called, is a devastating force that can raze an entire Imperial province and destroy the fates of nations.

Belief and MythologyEdit

Orks and Goblins believe in two deities; Gork and Mork. One is cunningly brutal and the other is brutally cunning, but the Orks can never agree on which is which. Some think that Gork is the god of attack and Mork is the god of defense, but this has not been proven. Indeed, the two gods are so closely related some think they could in fact be one single diety with two personalities.

Ork and Goblin shamans call upon Gork or Mork to perform their magic spells, but their magic is quite unreliable. Goblin shamans are generally more numerous. This is probably because Goblins are not as physically as strong as Orks and rely upon magic to make up the difference.

The Forest Goblins worship a deity known as the Spider god. Little is known about the Spider god, but it is generally not worshiped outside of the Forest Goblin tribes.


Ork history begins long ago with the interstellar race known as the Old Ones. When the Old Ones settled the world of Warhammer they seeded it with many life forms. The Lizardmen, Dwarfs, Elves, and Men were all part of their creation. Scholars disagree on where the Orks fit in. Some Imperial scholars believe that the Orks were also created by the Old Ones. Others belief that the Old Ones would never create a race with such destructive potential. They hold that the Orks were tiny spores that somehow ended up in space and were caught on the Old Ones starships. When the Old Ones came to the Warhammer World, the Ork spores fell off and landed in the steamy jungles of the South of Warhammer. From there they developed into Orks and Goblins, and have been a thorn in the side of all races for thousands of years.The latter is most likely true, but the issue is still up for debate. In any case, the Greenskins are here to stay.

Orks are large creatures with long arms and short legs, huge slabs of muscle move under tough green skin, and their jaws are lined with vicious fangs that jut out from their underbite. They have beady red eyes, a generally foul demeanor, and are naturally bald. Normally six feet tall, they are up to seven feet tall when stretched out of their characteristic stoop. They respect power and strength, and naturally tend towards becoming bigger and stronger as they rise through their society. While they lack the education of more advanced races, Orks possess immense cunning and are quick learners, but rarely adopt new tactics to replace their fondness for close quarters brutality.

Another "Ork" type creature is the squig. A squig is a chomping, ravenous red ball of death. Commonly herded into packs by Goblins, the originorgin of the squig is unknown. Many believe that squigs came from the same spores as the Orks. They have two legs that enables them to hop around quite quickly. An entire pack of these can wreck a formation of infantry.

Last on the totem pole of Ork society are the Snotlings. Smaller than even Goblins, Snotlings are bullied by everyone. The Goblins usually force them to feed the Squigs and some Orks keep them as pets. Or for an Ork a Snotling makes a decent snack if its hungry enough. The only purpose Snotlings serve is as food gatherers. Of all Greenskins only the Snotlings have the patience and skill to cultivate the fungus that is the mainstay of the Orkish diet.


The Ork army is a huge force. When a full scale WAAAGH! starts it is almost unstoppable. The most common unit
M1670006a 99120209026 OrcBoyz 445x319

Ork Boyz

in an Ork army is Ork infantry. Armed with spears or choppas they form huge blocks and slam into the enemy battle line. Orks have little tactics other than running straight at the enemy and tearing him to pieces once they get there. The Ork Boyz live to fight and fight to live as they say. Their home is the battlefield.

The Orks also have a fondness for going fast. They fulfill this desire by mounting on top of a wild Boar and heading into combat.

Ork Boar Boyz are rough, tough and very determined. They ride into battle atop War boars - evil-minded creatures that will take every opportunity to maim, bite and kick the enemy of their Ork masters. Boar Boyz are the shock cavalry of an Ork and Goblin army, and they love nothing better that to gore, stamp and inflict damage on the
M1080034a 99120209021 OrcBoarBoys1 445x319

Ork Boar Boyz


Ork Boar Boyz often use flanking attacks to devastate enemy infantry. Their no light wieghts against calvary either. They are quite capable of taking down even the mighty knights of Bretonnia.

Next, come the Goblins. Their lack of phsyical strength is compensated by their sheer numbers. Goblins outnumber Orks many times over and accompany almost all Ork warbands. Small in stature, possessing no courage, the Goblins are cunning sneaky troops that use every opportunity they have to decieve their enemy. They are thieves by nature and are much more interested in the looting after a battle than providing any real help during a battle.
M1184802 99120209002 O&GGoblinRegimentMain 445x319

Goblin Regiment

Goblins can wield all manner of weapons. Spears, knives, daggers, bows; whatever they can get their hands on they will use. Sometimes, there will be a greenskin tribe composed entirely of Goblins. Even then, there will usually be an Ork in control of the tribe. (The Night Goblins tribes do appear to be able to retain Goblin commanders)

Goblins also have their own cavalry forces. Not quite big enough to tame a wild boar the Goblins have a penchant for wolf riding. The Goblin Wolf riders are not as powerful as Ork Boar Boyz and generally they stay on the fringes of the battle acting as scouts. However, they will always get to the field of battle in time to get a share of the loot.

There is another breed of Goblins called Forest Goblins. In the dark forests of the Forest Goblins all manner of
M1184851 99120209009 O&GForestGoblinSpiderRidersMain 445x319

Goblin Spider Riders

mysterious creatures abound. The most prevelant creature in the forest a large spiders that the Goblins will ride into battle. Fast, nimble and skilled in hand to hand combat they are dangerous foes.

As mentioned earlier, the Goblins also do much of the Squig herding. Squigs are small red balls of flesh with rows and rows of razor sharp teeth. Many unfortunate Goblins will end up as lunch for a hungry Squig. There are no shortage of Goblins willing to try their hand at Squig herding. A Goblin Squig herder can sell the Squigs to other Goblins and Orks for some extra loot. Of course, Goblins don't really sell things, its more like trying to cheat the prospective customer without getting beat up.

A Squig also offers a measure of protection for the Goblin. The threat of a squig attack will keep all, but the
M1184012 99110209191 O&GNightGoblinSquigHoppersMain5 445x319

Goblin Squig Pack

sneakiest Goblin at bay. On the battlefield the Squigs will form into packs guided by their Goblin masters. The Goblins will jump on the Squigs backs and order them into battle. At this point, the Goblins have no real control over the Squigs, who pretty much do whatever they want. Some will charge striaght into battle, others will flee the battle, and some will eat the Goblin on top of them. Whatever happens, the Goblins believe that it is woth the risk.

A pack of Squigs can do tremendous damage on the battlefield. This is why most Ork War bosses tolerate their presence.

The Orks and Goblins both have the ability to put together ramshackle chariots that are either pulled by Boars or Wolves. Orks who have an addiction to going fast will often use a chariot. They are quite powerful on the battlefield.

The biggest Greenskins around are the dreaded Black Orks. Black Orks are the biggest and strongest of all Orks, and get their name from their dour, grim demeanour as much as from the colour of their skin, which is extremely dark green or black.They take war much more seriously than other Orks and have the best
M1184916 99120209015 O&GBlackOrcsMain 445x319

Black Orks

equipment. Many of their fearsome weapons are captured in battle, and carried as a mark of their self-evident superiority, while others are paid in tribute by subjugated tribes.

The Black Orks do not have the same origin as "regular" Orks. Rather, the Chaos Dwarfs in the cursed Dark Lands created the Black Orks. The Chaos Dwarfs are powerful warriors and sorcerers, but they are also slave traders and control an immense slave empire. The majority of these slaves are Greenskins. The Chaos Dwarfs tried to artificially create a sort of "Boss" Ork who could oversee slave operations, but was less prone to infighting and had a better grasp on tactics and control. Using their knowledge of science and arcane wizardrywizardy, the Chaos Dwarfs created the Black Orks.

The plan worked well, until the Black Orks launched a massive rebellion. The rebellion was put down, but it cost the Chaos Dwarfs dearly. Eventually, roving bands of Black Orks made their way west, crossed the Worlds Edge Mountains, and came across other tribes of Orks. They multiplied, rose to dominance, and wreaked havoc upon the civilized races.

Black Orks will always form solid wedges of armored heavy-hitting infantry that will leave a mark upon any battle.

Night GoblinsEdit

I've given Night Goblins their own subsection because while they can be included in a normal Ork or Goblin warband they often go to war on their own since Night Goblins are their own separate tribe.

The Night Goblins do a lot of fighting at night, but they also do a good amount of tunnel digging, which is rare
M1184866 99120209010 O&GNightGoblinRegimentMain 445x319

Night Goblin Regiment

for a Greenskin who rarely have the patience to do anything other than fighting. Their tunnel diggin brings them into constant contact with Dwarfs and Night Goblins hate Dwarfs. On the other hand, Night Goblins are afraid of High Elves because they "stink funny".

Night Goblins differ from other Goblins in that they wear black hooded robes and carry shields with a sickly yellow moon on them. They form huge blocks of infantry that are armed with standard Greenskin weaponry.

Night Goblins also posses crazed individuals who have been called fanatics by Imperial scholars. Fanatics are Night Goblins who have eaten to many Mad Cap mushrooms and drunk a little too much fungus beer to remain sane. They are completely mad and remain locked up until the Night Goblin force reaches the
M1184881 99120209011 O&GNightGoblinFanaticsMain 445x319

Night Goblin Fanatics

battlefield. They are then set free, given a massive ball and chain, and pushed towards the enemy. Laughing like hyenas they will crash into enemy units and cause immense damage. there is always the chance that a Night Goblin fanatic will get his directions crossed and hit other Goblin troops. Night Goblins rely upon shamans more than other Goblins. Their shamans
M1280424 99060209169 ColNightGoblinShamanMain 445x319

Night Goblin Shaman

are usually present in any Night Goblin force. Their magic is not any more reliable than a standard Greenskin shaman, but when it works it can be devastating. However, when it comes to magic don't expect any Greenskin force to prove victorious through magic alone.

War Machines and Monstrous CreaturesEdit

A Greenskin army will always field some poorly constructed war machine or employ a monstrous creature. The war machines are generally operated by Goblins because the Orks would much rather bash some heads with his fist than try to aim a siege engine. These war machines include, the Goblin Spear Chukka, the Goblin Rock Lobba, the Goblin Doom Diver, and the Snotling Pump Wagon.

Bolt throwers, or Spear Chukkas as Goblins call them, are common devices in the Greenskin forces. They are
M1182284 99060209118 O&GGoblinSpearChukkaMain 445x319

Goblin Spear Chukka

usually powered by twisted Squig hide ropes, creating the tension required to fire the great bow. They are not as sturdy or nearly as accurate as their Elven counterparts, but they do make up for this in numbers.

The Goblin is a simple catapult. Constructed by Goblins, these crude war machines are certainly not lacking in power. Employed by cunning Warbosses, they soften up the enemy's main line before the ladz get stuck in. They can wreak tremendous damage if used properly.

M1183907 99110209109 O&GGoblinDoomDiverMain 445x319

Goblin Doom Diver

Next, is the Goblin Doom Diver. No one knows how this weapon was invented, but most believe it was some drunk Goblins or some Goblins that were driven insane, perhaps both. Of course, given the mental state of most Goblins; perfectly "sane" Goblins could have invented it as well. The Doom Diver is a slingshot contraption that flings a Goblin with some crude wooden and fabric wings straped onto his arms high into the air.

The winged Goblin will hopefully come crashing down into a regiment of enemy soldiers. The craziness of the Doom Diver matches the craziness of the Goblin's nature.

The last war machine the Orks posses is actually built by Snotlings. The Pump Wagon is built by Snotlings in
M1183937 99110209136 O&GSnotlingPumpWagonMain 445x319

Snotling Pump Wagon

an attempt to copy the chariots of their larger greenskin brothers. Quite how the little greenies do it is a mystery. As one might expect, the Snotlings' contraption isn't all that reliable, but if it ever makes it to the enemy lines, the carnage it can cause is impressive.

This is are rare sight in an Ork army. the Snotlings generally try to stay out of everybody's way, but a gang of ambitious Snotlings might build a Pump Wagon.

Next, are the Monstrous creatures. The Orks recruit a wide variety of these into their armies. These creatures include trolls, giants, and the Arachnarok spider.

Trolls come in three types: Normal troll, Stone troll and River trolls. Obviously, the Stone trolls live in rocky areas and the River Trolls live near rivers. Both pack a punch in melee combat and are highly sought after.
M1280459 99060209197 ColStoneGreatAxeMain 445x319

Stone Troll

Trolls are large and hideous creatures, bestial and foul with long gangling limbs and cold damp hides. The most unusual and perhaps best-known characteristic of Trolls is that their flesh is able to regrow almost as quickly as it is damaged. Trolls will sometimes join Orks and Goblins as they march to battle, although it is doubtful if they really understand what is going on. The trolls are never forced into service since forcing a troll to do anything would be difficult, even for an Ork. A few kegs of fungus beer is usually enough to coax a troll into battle.

M1184981 99120299011 WarhammerGiant1Main 445x319


In a similar vain, are the giants. Towering above the battlefield, they can wipe out an entire army with a single blow. No one really knows where the come from, but they do inhabit the Warhammer world. Like Trolls they can be bribed into joining the army. The only downside of giants is there extremely low intelligence. However, they work quite well with Orks and are often seen marching with an Ork horde.

Last on the list is a nightmarish spider. In the darkest depths of the most sinister forests, even Giants and
M1640812a 99120209023 Arachnarok01 445x319

Arachnarok Spider

Cygors can fall prey to the colossal Arachnarok Spider. Towering over houses and settlements alike, this gargantuan creature can be goaded into battle by Forest Goblins who worship it as a living god. Bedecked with shanty towers, altars to the Spider-god or even crude catapults, the Arachnarok Spider will terrorize the Warhammer world.

Famous WarbossesEdit

Gorbad Ironclaw- The mightiest Ork warboss to ever live, destroyed two Imperial provinces and killed Emperor Sigismund.

Azhag the Slaughterer- Discovered the Crown of Sorcery, which lead him to many victories including the destruction of Ostland

Grimgor Ironhide- Black Ork Warboss who along with his trusty unit of black Orks fought his way out of the badlands to start one of the greatest and most organized WAAAGH! in Ork and Goblin history

Grom the paunch of misty mountain- a goblin warboss who ate troll meat and is never hungry but very fat due to its regenerative properties. During His WAAAGH! Grom lead his followers to ulthuan, home of the elves and invaded. This makes him and all goblins in his army lose the fear (elves) special rule.


Skarsnik is the chieftain of the Crooked Moon Tribe and the most powerful Night Goblin Warlord in the whole of the Southern Worlds Edge Mountains. All the other Ork and Goblin warlords acknowledge his overlordship of the mountains around the ruined Dwarf hold of Karak Eight Peaks.

Under Skarsnik the Crooked Moon became the most important tribe in a confederation of Night Goblins. As they increased in power, so did the fighting with nearby dwarf and greenskin armies alike. In the year 2498 IC the Crooked Moon under the command Skarsnik ambushed a dwarf army in the Mad Dog Pass, which later became known as the Battle of the Jaws (named after the greenskin formations that enclosed the dwarfs. In the following Battle of East Gate, they manage to wipe out about half of the dwarf troops, but the other half managed to get into the citadel hold of Karak Eight Peaks. The citadel remains under constant attack, and Skarsnik has also launched huge raids against Barak Varr and Karak Azul over the next 3 summers following the Battle of the East Gate.

Since the Dwarfs returned to occupy their ancient hold, Skarsnik has virtually kept the Dwarfs prisoner within their tiny citadel. When the Dwarfs try to enter or leave the stronghold he hunts them down and hangs their beard scalps on long poles within sight of the citadel walls. He is remarkably cunning and is constantly luring the Dwarfs into ambushes and traps. At the battle of East Gate he managed to surround a Dwarf relief force and virtually destroy it, fOrking the remnants to flee back into the citadel itself.

Skarsnik is accompanied by a huge cave Squig which he calls Gobbla. Gobbla is enormous, very smelly, and mindlessly vicious but seems totally loyal to his master. Skarsnik feeds Gobbla on Dwarfs and any Goblins careless enough to stray too close.

Skarsnik carries a huge magical weapon called a prodder. This enables him to throw blasts of magic around the battlefield.

sources for Skarsnik:

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