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Far to the east of the Old World lie the savage Ogre Kingdoms, a land of eating and fighting. A single Ogre, with his massive frame and boulder-like gut, has enough brute strength to sack a village and an army of such monstrous warriors, the power to destroy empires.

The first thing to notice about Ogres is they're big. And I mean they're really BIG. They stand near twice as tall as a full grown man and several times as wide. They are dirty, scarred and fat. Ogres fill their days with only two things; violence and eating in the extreme. Both of which is a sign of worship to their benevolent gods. Ogres are dim to the extreme. They are not builders of any sort. The cannons they use as guns are bought or stolen rather than made by ogres. The weapon of choice for any ogre is, however, his club. It is sturdy, reliable and nigh impossible to use wrong. An ogre would only eat his trusty club in the direst of times.

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Ogres were once very populous in the far east lands of Cathay. Cathay was a land of rolling terraces lush and green with vegetation and ogres inhabited it with their Cathayan neighbors in a relative peace, It is even said ogres learned of fire and metalworking from the Cathayan allies. This peace could not last forever though. The ogres unfortunately became too numerous and started preying on the Cathayans. Soon after the ogres turned hostile a light grew in the sky. First only seen at night, the light grew stronger as fast the ogres did. The celestial body grew ever closer with a green aura and what scholars claimed looked like a mouth. Then all of a sudden it slammed in the middle of the ogre lands. Every ogre but those living the farthest away were obliterated. The world was shook and a mouth 100 miles wide was all that remains. The plains the ogres once lived in are now ashen wastes with toxic winds and beasts of flame.

The Great MigrationEdit

In the interest of survival, any ogres left alive fled west towards the Mountains of Mourn. The ogres went up the mountains and met a race of Sky-Titans. These beasts were almost twice as tall as giants! They were much more civilized however, yet they did have one flaw, one tribe of Sky-Titans would not band together with another. Simply by superior number, the Ogres over came one fortress of Sky-Titans after the other until the whole race just up and dissapeared. Down the other side of the treturous mountains the Ogres went, yet some did stay in the sky fortresses. Those that left faced a host of problems, their all ready deminished number were weakened yet more by the Sky-Titans and the few left now have to fight off the massive beasts of the icy slopes along side the numbing chills of the slopes themselves. Though they lost a massive number the few Ogres who made it to the valleys of the Mountains of Mourn made it to the promised lands. The herds of massive rhinoxen that once belonged to the Sky-Titans provided food to sustain the insatiable Ogres.

Notable Battles

That being years and years ago the Ogres have grown much. They now weild the beasts of the land for war and pack animals. Over the years Ogres have had many battles, mostly because to ogres, battle is nessessary both by natural instinct and as a way of worship.


Ogres have a very simple view of dieties. There are, infact, only two of them. For most Ogres, all they aknowledge is one god known as the Great Maw. However there are some, specifically the firebellies, that see a great volcano as another god.

The MawEdit

The maw is a very simple God. It only asks one to eat and battle for worship. That is infact where butchers get their power. On the field a butcher would eat something and ill effects would be brought upon the enemy. For example if a butcher tossed a good bit of bones in his own repugnant maw and crushed them to dust with the rocks he uses in place of his teeth. This of course would result in the bones of a group of foes being crushed in the same way. Other things tossed in the gob of a "magic" ogre would have good effects for allies and terrible ailments for the foe. There is an instinctual need in all ogres to eventually make a pilgrimage to the Maw. Eating and battle can stave off this need for a period of time but Ogres massive wanderlust will eventually get the better of them and they will visit the maw. It is a strange thing to see as they will just stand up and head in a direction towards the Maw, with not even a single word. Some times whole tribes will suddenly pack up and wander east. The way to the Maw is no simple route, it passes back over the mountains which are dangerous in themselves. After that there is a little bit of plains before the deadly wastes. There are sudden storms of acid rain and pool of mutating water. Yet it may be the beasts that will get you. Huge twisted forms of fire and pure malice prowl the lands killing whatever they can. Once within about a mile of the Maw you will feel a small tug towards it. As you get closer it becomes more of a pulling until you stand on the edge. It takes every muscle in an Ogres body, and sometimes thats not enough, to resist being sucked into the infinite darkness of the Great Maw. Such is the power of the Maw that on the other side of the world there is a raging whirlpool in which no ship can escape similar to the Maw.


Ogre armies consist of ogres wielding trees for clubs, rifles for pistols, and cannons for rifles. Riding enormous deadly Mournfang cats and creatures even time itself forgot. Giants wade through the line looking for their own taste of the action and lowly gnoblars treck alongside ogres in hopes of earning enough favor to not be eaten.

Ogre 6 3 2 4 4 3 2 3 7

That is the chraracteristic block for a normal run of the mill ogre. (if you don't know how to read it go here Characteristic Block) Right tough bastards aren't they? That's not including the fact they cause fear, impact hits, get stomps and have minimal armor. That said they also have a pretty price tag. But hey if you want cheap go with Gnoblars, keeping in mind they're very comparable in skill to goblins.


Ogres - they are the main stay of the army. They aren't the hitting force nor the shield but they are the back bone of the ogre army. Ravenous as a mournfang, these hulking behemoths can plow through a small regement of men alone, when in a battle line they're nigh unstoppable. Wielding a tree sized club Ogres knock men off their horse like a man brushing away a fly. Ogres run into battle nearly unarmored save a gut plate to guard their holy stomachs, and an iron fist which is half weapon anyway.

Gnoblars - close kin of the goblin race, these measly little humanoids eke a living out in the small crevices ogres can't reach. Ogres don't mind these little beasts running about because they usually just carry things and know to stay well out of an ogre's way, else wind up as food. Not to say ogres don't like the runts, most even adopt one or two and keep them as favorites. Gnoblars are, like all goblins; tricky, dirty and kniving. A unit of Gnoblars even can set up traps to hinder charging enemies.As the cheapest thing in the army, weighing in at a whopping 2.5 points, these little buggers can fill up the gaps in any battle line.

Iron Guts - in effect these are the bigger and richer ogres in the army. They usually let the club go for a two handed monster of a weapon . . . which is some times just an even bigger club. They don much more armor and become living tanks. An ogre is tough but when it's clad in metal and wielding a sword the size of a horse they're nigh unstoppable. Most richer tribes can boast large amounts of Iron Guts because they can afford the expensive armor and weapons. But it is well worth it, there is more than one tale about Iron Guts turning a battle\

Special Leadbelchers - The ogres are pretty hard for most things to wound and anything that can with ease quickly gains respect from ogre culture. Well a cannon pretty much decimates anything and a direct hit from one can kill even an ogre in one shot. THis has made artillery coveted by ogres for a long time. Unfortunately for the rest of the world ogres have gotten their fat hands on cannons. Ogres, with their massive bulk, can hulk a cannon into battle in their arms. These are pretty much simple cannons but a bit mis-used. Rather than firing a cannon ball the ogres just stuff it with things they can't eat and are to small to wield until the barrel is bristling with sharp bits.

Yhetee - are strange creatures that are distant kin to ogres. They hail from the highest most frigid parts of the mountains and are thought to be the ogres that fell or willingly stayed behind in the sky titan's forts durring the Great Migration. The are equal in size to ogres, if not a bit taller and skinnier. They are also covered from head to toe in thick, matted, white fur, and their hands and feet end in razor sharp claws. Be that as it may they wield weapons of ice. They take branches and breathe pure cold on it until the air itself freezes leaving razor edges. Their bodies exhude an aura of frost that saps the fight out of any warrior.

Mournfang Cavalry - One would hope that such walls of flesh would be to big to have cavalry. Well if only that were true. The world has yet another thing to fear, because when a group of Mournfang Cavalry charges in most creatures become nothing more than a crushed pulp. Mournfang cavalry are some of the ogre's more elite units, as it is a deadly trial to break a mournfang enough to bear a rider. Mournfang are even more terrorfying than sabretusks for sheer size and yet more ferocity. Also mournfang in an ogre army would be bearing an ogre rider, making them double dangerous.

Sabretusk Packs - When the Old Ones made the world they made only a few beasts that can fell nearly anything, one of such beasts is the Sabretusk. Standing a bit taller than a horse, sabretusks are leen machines of muscle. Running in packs of up to ten, these monsters can take down any beast with their agility, ferocity and cunningness. Their name derives from the arm length tusks the hang from their mouth. Alone a sabre tusk may not be terrible but when with friends they can kill anything. The only thing to bolster sabretusks more is if they are lead by a hunter.

Maneater - Ogres are creatures of wanderlust and are prone to traveling as far as their legs will carry them. Ogres that do this come back, or die out there, as diverse war mongers. An ogre that travels to the bad lands ay be adopted by savage orcs for a time. During that time he picks up "tactics" the savage orcs would teach him, such as running to the fray with naught but a loin cloth and war paint fighting with the ferocity of 10 savage orcs. Maneaters travel everywhere, be it from the Empire to the high seas. Even one or two might be included by the pompus High Elves. Thusly Maneaters are diverse and can be used as an auxiliary. Maneaters got their name from Golgfag, the greatest mercenary of all time.

Gorger - Ogres do not tollerate the weak to exsit in their tribes. When an ogre is born with any defects the tribe gives it to their Butcher who takes it to the deepest cave near the camp. Half the tribe comes to move the gargantuan boulder that blocks the enterance. The ogres toss the child in, resael the cave, and walk away like nothing happened. The baby will get eaten by the gorgers in the cave. There is, however, a 1 in 100 chance the baby will find a place to hide in the cave, eating mushrooms until it has the strength to eat larger things. Eventually it will grow twisted and enormous until it is a gorger. It then has to fight every day of it's life because gorgers are not above cannibalism. Ogres lure these monsters out with trails of meat to battles to annihilate enemy units.


Giant - Like all the giants other races employ, ogres use the behemoths to pulverize otherwise tougher foes. THey stand many times the size of man and are humanoid in appearance, if not to brutish and coarse. These lumbering monsters are dull in the extreme. To keep the giant from being killed in the heat of battle, as all ogres dream of "felling a big one", most tribes put their symbol on giant. Giants can be employed by ogres with promices of plenty of the easy life, free grog, lots of fighting and eating what you just fought. Ogres, being so large themselves, can acctually bully giants if need be.


Gnoblar Scraplauncher



Heroes And LordsEdit







Named LordsEdit

Greasus Goldtooth

Skrag the Slaughterer

Bragg the Gutsman

Golgfag Maneater

M1251873 99110213004 ColWHGreasusMain 445x319

Trademaster Greasus Tribestealer Drakecrush Gatecrasher Hoardmaster Goldtooth The Shockingly Obese Overtyrant of the Ogre Kingdoms

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