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World warhammer

Warhammer World

This map includes the entire Warhammer world. The Old World is in the center of the map. The mountain range in the center is the World's Edge Mountain Range. That is where most of the Dwarf holds are located. To the northeast of that mountain range (the blank spot with the banner) is known as the Northern Waste. It is from here that Chaos pours forth to wreak destruction upon the civilized races.

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Armies/Races and Their LandsEdit

High Elves - Ulthuan

Dark Elves - Naggaroth

Wood Elves - Athel Loren, Luarelorn Forest

Lizardmen - Lustria and The Southlands

Orcs and Goblins - Badlands, Border Princes, The wilderness areas of the Old World

Dwarfs - World's Edge Mountains, The Grey Mountains

Brettonia - Brettonia

The Empire - The Empire

Ogres - Mountains of Mourn

Tomb Kings - Nekeharia

Vampire Counts - Sylvania, The Dark Lands, scattered isolated fortresses

Daemons of Chaos - Chaos Wastes of the North and the South 

Warriors of Chaos - Chaos Wastes of the North and the South

Beastmen - The Woods of the Old World

Skaven - Skavenblight and the Under-Empire, which spands the entire Warhammer world 

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