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Magic Phase Basic Concepts Edit

All spells have a specific casting value that must be rolled equal to or higher than on the power dice in order to cast the spell. Power dice are accumulated by magicians and special items during each army's respective magic phase. The opposite army accumulates dispel dice which may be used to nullify spells by rolling higher on the dice than the opposing player rolled with their power dice.

Power and Dispel Dice Edit

Wizardss are classified into four levels of magic based on their ability. Level 1 are the weakest and level 4 are the most proficient. Each magic phase the wizards attempt to control the 'Winds of Magic' and generate power dice for casting represented by rolling two dice. The greater result of the two dice is the total dispel dice i.e. an 8 made up of a 6 and 2 generates 6 dispel dice and 8 power dice for that phase.

Some items generate power die that are collected in the power dice pile, and these can be used by any wizard.

Different armies may have different resistance to magic so gain bonuses to totals rolled to dispel or to total available dispel dice.

Casting and Dispelling Edit

Each spell has a roll requirement to cast. A magician must nominate a number of power dice he will use, and roll them. If the dice amount to equal to or more than the spellrequirement, the spell is cast successfully. The defending player may attempt to dispel the spell by rolling any number of dispel dice in his dispel pool. If the dispel dice amount to equal to or above the other player's dice, the spell is nullified.

A roll of two or more sixes casts the spell with "irresistable force." They are cast regardless of the spell requirement, and no dispel attempt may be made. This also triggers a miscast, the spell is still successful but the casting wizard must roll on the miscast table to determine the additional effects of the miscast.

Dispell rolls can also suffer from miscasts and irresistable force. There is no mis-dispell chart for miscasts while dispelling.

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