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The Lord of the Solar-City of Hexoatl contemplates the universe atop Zlaaq.

Lord Mazdamundi is the oldest and most powerful of the living Slann Mage-Priests. At the Dawn of Creation, Lord Mazdamundi was instructed by Lord Kroak himself. With a matchless mind unfathomable to others, Mazdamundi is obstinate in his ways and will not be deterred from that upon on which he has decided. Although it took many interruptions to his comtemplations, at last the great Mazdamundi has fully bestirred himself, shaking off the lethargy that has affected so many of his kind. In the last few centuries he has become the most proactive of all the Slann. When riled, the Lord of the Solar-City will levitate his palanquin-throne atop the largest stegadon that can be found. The current beast, a colossal specimen named Zlaaq, has served Mazdamundi for almost five hundred years. Once aloft his mount, Mazdamundi will march out at the head of the armies of Hexoatl. With a flick of his wrist, Mazdamundi has smashed cities and doomed armies. His Great Purpose does not allow for mercy.

Lord Mazdamundi has studied the lost plaques more than any other Mage-Priest, including those found most recently. His epiphany is that the Lizardmen have failed to accomplish the first of the Old Ones' decrees - the extermination of all those raced not part fo the Great Plan. Mazdamundi believes it is pointless to divine the next stages of the Great Plan until the first in complete; to do so would only invite further error.

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