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King Kazador of Karak Azul

The tale of King Kazador is a tragic story indeed. Once given to the greatest enjoyments of life, such as drinking, singing, Goblin hunting and counting his gold, Kazador is now a joyless shadow of his former self. He sits brooding in his throne room, plotting his revenge against the Orc Warlord Gorfang Rotgut. It was Gorfang that attacked Karak Azul and slaughtered many of Kazador's subjects, capturing more and dragging them back to his dungeons. Most insulting of all, Gorfang raided the King's throne room, where he shaved the King's son and nailed him to the throne as the greatest insult he could imagine. Now Kazador wishes for nothing more than to see Gorfang slain and his prisoners released - or their bodies returned if they no longer live.

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