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Khazrak the One Eye

Khazrak the One-eye is the most feared Beastlord in the Drakwald, a brutal force of nature whose animal cunning is far beyond that of his savage kin. He has an unnerving ability to spring lethal ambushes, coordinating the herds that serve him with unnerving efficiency to ensure that any foe he faces finds itself attacked on all fronts and constantly harried as it attempts to face its attackers. In this way Khazrak's warherd has wrought havoc throughout the Drakwald, and also drawn the attention of the One-eye's most bitter adversary, Elector Count Boris Todbringer.

In the years since their first confrontation the two rivals have clashed violently, leaving both scarred and embittered. The Todbringer famously pierced Khazrak's eye with his Runefang, a wound that Khazrak wasted no time in avenging. Now Khazrak is as bold as ever, his warherd covering a wider area with every season as his well-planned attacks claim more towns, forts and castles each year. A ten thousand gold crown bounty placed on Khazrak's head by Boris Todbringer has failed to bring the One-Eye to heel, and so it seems that a further reckoning between these two sworn foes cannot be far away.

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