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"All hail the mighty Karl Franz"

          -Kurt Helborg

Karl Franz is the Emperor of The Empire and is also the Elector Count of Reikland.


Karl Franz is son of the late emperor Luitpold; therefore he was a logical candidate to become emporeror after his father's death. However in The Empire the Imperial Throne is not inherited, but decided in an election by the Electors of the Empire.

Although the exact details are unknown, it is likely that Karl Franz was considered to be too young and inexperienced. He himself did not that he would be elected and that Boris Todbringer of Middenland ,was the other candidate, would be. The voting was 8 against only 4 in Karl Franz's favour, the remaining electors presumably abstaining. Maximillian von Konigswald, who was an old friend and the count of Ostland at that time, mangaged to persuade all but one of the other Elector Counts to cast their vote for Karl Franz. The church of Sigmar also supported him with 3 votes. In the end Karl Franz won the election.



Karl Franz's peice

Karl Franz has two children - his oldest son Luitpold, probably named after Karl Franz's own father, and a younger daughter whose name is unknown. He also has a sister, who is married.

Magic ItemsEdit

Ghal MarazEdit

Meaning Skull-splitter in dwarf tounge, Ghal Maraz is a legendary hammer weilded by Sigmar himself himself when the Empire was forged two and a half millenia ago. Any hits caused by the Hammer of Sigmar wound automatically and no armour saves are allowed. Each unsaved wound becomes D3 wounds.

The Siver SealEdit

The Warrior Mage Fredrik von Tarnus crafted this artefact for Magnus the Pious following the Great war Against Chaos. The silver Seal wards away harmful blows and and even disrupts hostile magic spells directed at the Emperor. It confers a 4+ ward save and magic resistance (3).

Special RulesEdit

Leader of Men Edit

The precence of the Emperor and unflinching courage of the Emperor greatly increases

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