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To the South of the Mighty Dwarf Empire there is an ancient Hold, Karak Zorn, which is believed to predate all other Holds in existance.

Little is known of this Hold as communication was lost several centuries previously, but what can be gathered is that it is surrounded by tropical forest and Lizard Men. No Orks can be found there nor Chaos, Goblin, Man, Troll or Skaven; in all accounts it appears that this hold may still exist.

The Lost Hold of The Southlands (Karak Zorn):Edit

Located within the great Forests of the Southlands, Karak Zorn resides. Communication with other holds has not occured for 7 centuries, however due to the lack of enemies in the Vicinity, the Ancient relics of the hold, and the Hold itself which if the Lizardmen can be trusted (possible, they are of yet unable to have the capacity to lie) still is filled with Dwarves.

If these rumours can be believed, the Oldest Hold, which is also theorised by many Thanes of Karaz A Karak, to be the cradle of Dwarf civilisation much like Humans who are also believed to originate from the Southlands (hence Khemri and the Tomb Kings which are the oldest Human civilisations, Predating even the colonisation of Karak Eight Peaks), this also means that the Rune Lords of Karak Zorn are masters of their craft (only due to the fact that no enemies killed them before they could teach others their craft) able to create Powerful Master runes which in the North are only found in the following Karaks...

  • Zhufbar
  • Kardrin
  • Karaz a Karak
  • Karak Eightpeaks
  • Karak Azul
  • Barak Varr (or Zarr depending is you speak Kraka Draken or normal Kazallid)

Not only will their weapons be more powerful, but due to lack of combat, it is likely there are more Dwarves there, making the Throng of Karak Zorn Dwarf (in a matter of speaking) even the 'Great Throng of Karaz a Karak', which also means that any army that attacks it is doomed.

However if all this is true, then it is very unlikely that the Dwarves of Karak Zorn would be using modern inventions such as the Cannon (recently invented when contact was first lost) and the handgun (a very recent invention of Zhuffbar) or even the (debatably) greatest inventions of all, the Gyrocopter and the great Airships. Making Karak Zorn fight the 'old fashioned way'.

Collecting and Painting Karak Zorn Dwarfs:Edit

Due to the fact that Warhammer has left the question about the existence of Karak Zorn, the Dwarfs could be painted in any colours. However Dwarfs of the Older holds tend to use Dark colours such as red, Navy Blue or even Dark Green. Here is a possible painting pallet...

Colours of all Dwarfs:

Skin" Tallaran Flesh

Chain mail and weapons: Boltgun metal/ Mithril silver (depending on whether the armour is to be rune protected, Ancient or made of Gromril)

Runes: Mithril Silver

other metal colours: for rimming of shield paint Shining gold, or for poorer Karaks paint Dwarf Bronze.

Clan colours:

Green Dwarfs: Dark Angels Green, or for even darker shade use Ork hide.

Navy Blue Dwarfs: Moridian Blue (remember first to shake the paint container first so as to get a strong colour).

Sky Blue Dwarfs: Enchanted Blue base coat then a dry brush of Turquoise Blue, finally in area darken with (shaken) Moridian Blue.

Red Dwarfs: Blood Red/Mecharite Red (if you preffer to follow the Blood Angels Painting pattern, then use a base coat of Mecharite Red then a series of thinner layers of Blood Red)

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