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High Elves, or the Asur, as they call themselves, are the first elvish nation, and the other two, Dark Elves and Wood Elves, both stem from the High Elves. The High Elves live on the island continent of Ulthuan.

Army Edit

The High Elves are a extremely powerful force because they have some really powerful special rules! First they have the Valour of Ages special rule. This means that they may re-roll any failed psychology tests against Dark Elves. High Elves hate their dark relatives and will not flee quickly when they have a chance of defeating their hated enemy! More importantly all High Elves have the Always Strike First special rule. High Elves possess a natural skill that far outstrips what ordinary mortals possess. When combined with ages of training, it creates a warrior elite of which few can comprehend. Most of the elves have a high initiative too, which means that they also may re-roll any failed to hit rolls on an enemy with a lower or equal initiative, except when equipped with great weapons.

High Elves have an altered army composition setup. They require one less core unit than other armies and can have more rare and special units. Normally a High Elf list will fill minimum core and then move to the special section for the majority of their army. However it still is important not overspend on special and rare units for you still need a solid backbone of you army!

Lords and Heroes Coming SoonEdit


Archers- Archers are armed with longbows, and can be equipped with light armor. Archers hit consistantly, and have long range, but their ranged attacks have average strength (3). The light armor is rarely worth purchasing, and neither is the command. They are normally taken in units of 10 to fill the minimum core allowance.

Archer 5 4 4 3 3 1 5 8
Hawkeye 5 4 5 3 3 1 5 8

Equipment: Hand Weapon, Longbow, Light armor (at +1 per model)

Spearmen- Spearmen are armed with spears, and equipped with light armor and a shield. Their special rule martial prowess allows them to fight in an extra rank (2 if they moved in the current turn, 3 if they did not).

Lothern Sea Guard- Lothern Sea guard are basically spearmen with bows, but

far more expensive, and are not automatically equipped with shields.


White Lions of Chrace- White Lions are unusually strong for elves, with a Strength of 4,

White lions of chrace

The white lions of Chrace.

and are equipped with great weapons. They also have heavy armor and the pelts of white lions, which add +2 to the wearer's armor save against Ranged attacks. White Lions are also Stubborn and can traverse woodland difficult terrain without penalty. Due to their stubborn rule, White Lions make great anvils and with a battle standard bearer nearby they are very unlikely to flee. Because of this it is worth giving them fear and terror immunity, so they are as dependable as possible. This can be done with the Banner of Balance or the Lion Standard.

Sword Masters of Hoeth- Sword Masters are devastating in close combat, with two attacks, great weapons (coupled with ASF), and WS 6. However, equipped with only heavy armor they are extremely susceptable to missile fire. Best used as small unit with frontage seven to get the most attacks. However with a mage within the unit, it can receive up to a 3+ ward save from the lore attribute, meaning they become almost invincible.

Phoenix Guard- Phoenix Guards are equipped with halberds and heavy armor. They also have a 4+ Ward Save and Cause fear. They also have slightly higher leadership than most other High Elf units. Though not as dependable as White Lions, they are extremely hard to kill, meaning that against hard hitting enemies they can be better.

Shadow Warriors of Nagarythe'- 'Shadow Warriors are Scouts armed with longbows and light armor. Like most scouts, they have the skirmish special rule. They also have Nagarythe Hatred, which acts the same as the Dark Elves' Eternal Hatred rule.

Chariots and mounts coming soonEdit


Great Eagles- Whilst Ellyrion Reavers are good march blockers, Great Eagles are better. However, they take up a valuable rare slot. They aren't particularly good in combat, but as flyers they make very good utility units. They can, however, be thrown at a war machine crew with a good chance of success.

Eagle Claw Bolt Thrower- The Eagle Claw Bolt Thrower can choose to shoot one shot at strength six using the normal rules for bolt throwers, or they can choose to fire six armour piercing strength four shots at a single unit. They do not pass through ranks, and do not suffer a -1 BS penalty for firing multiple shots and are not affected by immunity to armor piercing, as they are do not have that specific rule, just an additional -1 to armor save modifier. Reaper Bolt Thrower's are crewed by two elves with light armor and hand weapons, whose above average BS is extremely helpful.

Dragons- The dragons are massiv flying creatures famous for their strength, their size and their ability to breathe fire. Special rules for the dragons includes Fly, Large target, Terror, Scaly skin and D'ragon fire. Scaly skin gives the dragon a hard skin made out of scales. Sun dragons(these are young dragons) have a scaly skin save of 5+, moon dragons(these are fully grown dragons) 4+ and star dragons(these are the elder dragons)3+.

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