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High King Throgrim Grudgebearer, ruler of the Dwarfs.

The Dwarfs are one of the most ancient races of the Warhammer World. Their empire once spanned the north and south, but those days of glory are long gone and most of these ancient strongholds are overrun with evil creatures. Dwarfs are skilled metalworkers. They also are the world's best miners. Dwarfs are also known for their skill in engineering and have many powerful war machines.

The Dwarfs are resolute in defence and unforgiving in attack. The Dwarfs hold a grudge like no other, vengefully hunting down those who have wronged them to exact their toll. Dwarfs never forget a grudge and will do whatever it takes to gain vengence. A grudge does not end with the death of the wronged Dwarf because his descendants will seek to fulfill it for generations to come.


Little is known about early Dwarf history but Dawi as they were known were probably assisted in their development by the mysterious and enigmatic Old Ones. It is said that the Dwarfs were foretold of the great catastrophe that befell the Warhammer world by their patron god, Grungi.

After the catastrophe of the Coming of Chaos, the Dwarfs emerged to find their world changed and warped. Mutated Beastmen roamed freely throughout the land, slaying everyone in their path. Warriors of the Chaos Gods murdered and pillaged at will, and Daemons created nightmare realms, enslaving entire tribes and peoples.

It was Grungni himself that forged the first weapons and armor, while teaching the Dwarfs to do the same. Then after he forged the first magical runes, capturing the wild winds of magic and harnessing their power into them, creating even more potent weapons, axes and hammers, as well as runes that gave runic protection into armour and talismans. He armed the Ancestor God Grimnir with two axes and armour harder than the bones of mountains, and he and his first runesmiths armed the rest of the Dwarfs to do battle.

Soon after their re-emergence the Dwarfs first encountered the High Elves from Ulthuan, both chasing a maurauder warband. The two races had a period of prosperous development but a disastrous war known to the Elves as the 'War of the Beard' and to the Dwarfs as the 'War of Vengeance' almost completely destroyed the two races. The Dwarfs now live in isolated strongholds of decreasing population and their once proud empire lies in tatters.

Dwarfs reside mainly in the hills and mountains of the Old World where they have their strongholds. Th

Dwarf symbol

Dwarven mask

eir empire once ran as a series of holds throughout the mountain ranges joined by tunnels. Since the peak some strongholds have fallen and the tunnel ways lost so the strongholds are more isolated. The loss of the holds has been attributed to Orcs and other Greenskins or to the Skaven. There is a reputed "lost" hold in The Southlands and to the north the Dwarfs there in Norsca have become a little less civilized and more separate from the main - the largest hold there is Karak Drak. Substantial numbers of Dwarfs have settled in the human nations of the Old World; particularly the Empire where their technical skills are appreciated and some serve in the Imperial armies.

There are a number of important and named holds in the Dwarf Kingdoms. Only one dwarf hold - Barak Varr - is situated on the sea - where the Dwarf sea fleet is based.

Dwarfs have also settled in the New World of Lustria.

Dwarven mountainhomes are often divided in sections with a specific purpose, like housing of nobles, industry, forges, etc. though most dwarven work in the mountains is rough, there are also parts of the hold that have been smoothed and engraved beyond even elven capability. The dwarves have no need for luxury and frivolities, the most notable in a dwarf's home will often be the gold-filled chest.

Dwarven mines are the deepest in the entire world, some mines even have access to lava pits, which can easily replace furnaces in forges, the mines often follow veins of copper, silver, gold, iron, gromril, the hardest of all metals, according to the dwarves, etc. Dwarves are taught at a very young age when to fortify a tunnel to avoid cave-ins. though the most occurring problem is stumbling upon tunnels of Skaven or other vile creatures.

The War of VengenceEdit

The War of Vengence was a great war between the High Elves and the Dwarfs. At the time, the races were allies. But then High Elves started ambushing Dwarf caravans. In truth, these "High Elves" that raided the caravans were Dark Elves. The bloody war lasted for years. In the end, King Gotrek of the dwarfs slew the Phoenix King of the High Elves, Caledor, and took the Phoenix crown of the elves and locked it in the vaults of Karaz-a-Karak, where it remains to this day.

Beliefs and mythologyEdit

Dwarfs venerate their ancestors and their deities are the "Ancestor Gods" which are said to have been formed from the very stone of the world itself. There are three main ones: Valaya, Grungi, and Grimnir.

  • Grungni is the patron of the forge and miners, and is depicted as the wisest of the Ancestor Gods, typically taking place as the "head" of the gods. In the game the Master Rune of Grugni protects Dwarfs by giving them a magical kind of shield to protect them from enemy missile attack.
  • Valaya is the patron of Runesmiths. It is said she is sleeping deep within the mountains until a time when she is needed again. In the Game the Master Rune of Valaya protects Dwarfs from enemy magical assault.
  • Grimnir was a great warrior with two rune axes. He helped the High Elves defeat Chaos at the northern Chaos Gates and although no evidence of his fate exists, it is assumed that he died there, or perhaps some far more sinister fate befell him. Of his weapons, one axe is now held by Thorgrim Grudgebearer and the other axe was taken with him to battle the chaos forces of the northern gate in the first chaos invasion. Some believe the second axe is the weapon wielded by the Slayer Gotrek Gurnisson. In the game the Master Rune of Grimnir (which may only be used by Dwarf armies using the storm of chaos slayer list) has a similar effect as the Master rune of Grungni but with a larger area of effect.


The Dwarf army consits of a small group of professional soldiers backed by larger amounts of citizen soldiers. All male Dwarfs are trained to fight from an early age, so during times of utmost need, every ablebodied Dwarf can be drafted into the army. The Dwarfs form fighting units based upon their particular clan. It is the clans that muster warrior regiments when a Dwarf hold goes to war.
M470123 99120205002 DwarfWarriorsMain 445x319

Dwarf Warriors regiment


Regiments of warriors are the most basic unit in the Dwarf army. With the option of taking hand weapon and a shield or a great weapon, they can pack quite a punch. Their durable chainmail gives them an excellent armor save. Dwarf warriors are among the most dependable basic infantry in the Warhammer world.

Each warrior carries a weapon passed down from their ancestors. To recite the names of the owners is essentially a history of that particular Dwarfs family. The passing down of weapons from generation to generation is an ancient Dwarf tradition that forms an unbreakable bond with the past.

M470093 99110205130 DwarfLongbeardsMain 445x319

Dwarf Longbeards

Another core choice for the Dwarf army are the Longbeards. The Longbeards are essentially veteran warriors who normally wield great weapons. They are not as excitable as their younger kin, and almost never retreat. The advice of a Longbeard is highly valued as it carries the wisdom of several generations. When placed in the center of a battle line, their resolute courage is an example to all.

Lastly, are the Dwarf Thunderers and Quarrellers. The Thunderers are armed with blackpowder handguns and
M470133 99120205003 DwarfThunderersQuarrellersMain 445x319

Dwarf Thunderers

the Quarrellers are armed with crossbows. Although some more traditional Dwarfs still regard the handgun with suspicion, it has become as common a sight in Dwarf armies as the crossbow.

The Dwarf handguns can penetrate a greater amount of armour and are more accurate than crossbows, but suffer from 6 inches less range.


The Ironbreakers are the most well known of this group. Clad in gromil armor, feared by friend and foe, they are a force to be reckoned with. The Ironbreakers are not militia like the warrior regiments. Rather they are professional soldiers who fight for a living. It is the Ironbreakers who stand against all odds. The Ironbreakers do most of their fighting in the tunnels that lie beneath Dwarf holds. It is said that for every
M470033 99110205124 DwarfIronbreakerMain 445x319

Dwarf Ironbreakers

battle fought in the sun, the Ironbreakers have fought a dozen underground.

Another choice in this group is the Hammerers. Hammerers are the king's personal guard and are so awarded a high status within the stronghold.
M470053 99110205126 DwarfHammerersMain 445x319

Dwarf Hammerers

They are very skilled warriors and are personally selected by the king himself. If a Dwarf should prove himself courageous enough over the course of many battles he may be selected to join the Hammerers.

The Hammerers wield great two handed hammers in battle. They are stubborn and when accompanied by a Dwarf Lord are well nigh unbreakable.

When a Dwarf hold goes to war, many mining clans will send their warriors to battle. As a gesture of pride in their profession, they will tend to carry picks rather than axes, but such is their skill with them that this is no
M1370268 99120205008 DwarfMinersMain 445x319

Dwarf Miners

disadvantage. There are many benefits to having such troops in an army, notably they can use their skills to tunnel beneath the enemy and gain the advantage of surprise.

Last, but definitely not least are the Slayers. If a Dwarf fails to keep a promise or an oath of an ancestor he may be driven by guilt to become a Slayer. Slayers break all ties with their hold and clan and seek death against the most diabolical creatures that they can find.


Dwarf demon slayer

Slayers dye their hair bright orange, and stiffen it with pig grease so that it sticks out at alarming angles. Their way of life invariably means that many achieve their ambition and are slain at the hands of whatever ferocious beast they
M470073 99110205128 DwarfSlayerMain 445x319

Dwarf Slayers

have confronted. Others, the least successful ones in a sense, tend to survive either because they are the toughest, the fastest or the most determined. This process of natural selection weeds out all those who do not have exceptional abilities, so you can be fairly sure that any Slayer you meet is exceptionally tough, violent and psychopathically dangerous.

On the battlefield, Slayers are unbreakable. Since they seek death, there is no fear than can compel them to retreat. There are many tales of a Dwarf army just beginning to crack under the enemies blows yet the Slayers hold firm and inspire the other Dwarfs to fight it out.

War MachinesEdit

The Dwarfs are master engineers and as such have created some truly devastating machines of war. These include the Organ Gun, Cannon, Flame Cannon, Gyrocopter, Grudge Thrower, and Bolt Thrower.

M470158 99120205005 DwarfOrganGunMain 445x319

Dwarf Organ Gun

The Organ Gun resembles the many pipes of an organ that have been laid flat and can shoot several shots at a time. The Organ Gun wreaks havoc on the battlefield and can decimate even the strongest units. Be wary, for the
M470153 99120205005 DwarfCannonMain 445x319

Dwarf Cannon

Organ Gun is not as stable as normal Dwarf artillery and while misfires are rare, they do happen.

The Cannon is the workhorse of the Dwarf artillery and only a fool of a Dwarf Lord would march to battle without one. It can fire solid or exploding shot and has a tremondous range of fire.

M460314 99110205087 DwarfFlameCannonMain 445x319

Dwarf Flame Cannon

The Flame Cannon has extreme destructive potential, but it is unstable. Many engineers believe that a Dwarf has to be slightly crazed to include one in his force. Nevertheless, it is a superb weapon capable of firing an exploding fiery shot or a solid stream of flame.
M460304 99110205083 DwarfGyrocopterMain 445x319

Dwarf Gyrocopter

The Gyrocopter is a newer invention than most other Dwarf war machines. Essentially, it is a steam powered helicopter with a small cannon on the front. It gives a Dwarf army the extremely rare advantage of speed, although many Dwarfs, especially the older ones, do not think it is proper for a Dwarf to fight with his feet off the ground.

M470023 99110205112 DwarfGrudgeThrowerMain 445x319

Dwarf Grudge Thrower

The Grudge Thrower is a catapult that has been around since the times of Grungi. Not as powerful as a Dwarf cannon, but its very reliable. It was during the War of Vengeance that the practice of inscribing grudges on the rocks to be used as ammunition developed, so great was the fury of the Dwarfs at the betrayal of the Elves.

Bolt Throwers are simply larger versions of the crossbow, able to fire heavier bolts over greater dista
M460334 99110205111 DwarfBoltThrowerMain 445x319

Dwarf Bolt Thrower

nces. The Bolt Thrower remains an important part of the Dwarf arsenal because it can be built and maintained cheaply and is accurate enough to bring down monsters such as Wyverns or Trolls with a well-judged shot. The Bole Thrower is a common site amongst Dwarf armies. Many engineers cut their teeth serving on a Bolt Thrower crew.

Notable HeroesEdit

King Thorgrim Grudgebearer- Current High King of the Dwarfs

Runelord Thorek Ironbrow- Thorek is the Master Runelord of Karak Azulans, some say, the greatest runelord alive. He is the only Runelord that has the knowledge to make use of the Rune of Doom
M127395 dwarf sepia1

King Alrik

King Alrik Ranulfsson- A traditionalist by even Dwarf standards, King Alrik's armies could not include more Thunderers than Quarrellers. Alrik stood on top of a shield carried by shield bearers.

Josef Bugman- Bugman was a master dwarf brewer who was world renowned for his famous beers, known as Bugman's XXXXXX. However one night, returning from a trading trip in the Empire, he found his brewery ablaze, attacked by a raiding party of Goblins. Since then Bugman and his rangers have travelled the old world fighting against the Goblins and Orcs.

Gotrek Gurnisson- the most (or perhaps the least) successful Slayer and travels with his human companion and rememberer Felix Jaeger. Gotrek Gurnisson is also thought to possess the second of the axes of Grimnir. He has achieved the Slayer "rank" of Daemon Slayer and in his time has fought representatives of almost all the armies in Warhammer.

The White Dwarf is a hero and legend among the dwarfs. He only seems to come when all hope is lost and he fight among his kin, when all other dwarfs run from the fight he will stand his ground and fight to the last of his breath.For all he has done for his kin Grimnir, Valalya,gave him powerful items to help his kin.

Ungrim Ironfist is the Slayer King of Karak Kadrin (Stronghold of the pass.)

When Ungrim was dishonoured, instead of leaving he became King of Karak Kadrin and encouraged other Slayers to come to Karak Kadrin. He also built a shrine to slayers and collected tales of famous ones, having the most talented bards to compose epic songs to sing about their deeds.


The White Dwarf

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