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In the Great and ancient Empire of the Dwarfs the largest collection of the Greatest artisans and scientists in the old world exist. These Places are known as Holds (Karak in the language of the dwarfs) and are larger than any city (and in the cases of Karak Eightpeaks and Karaz a Karak) larger than an Imperial Province.

History of Holds:Edit

For untold Millenia Dwarfs have been carving away at the rock that serves as their home, all holds once started as mines resulting with the most mineral rich mines becoming the largest Holds, such examples of these are the most Ancient Holds, Karak Eightpeaks (the oldest dwarven hold in the old world as well as the deepest), Karak Ungor (an ancient mining hold that was destroyed by both Goblins and Skaven due to the massive amount of mine net works, known as deeps, which went so far down they were easy prey to such foul nocturnal beasts) and Karaz a Karak the present capital and oldest of the remaning free holds, so powerful Karaz a Karak is with both numbers of Dwarfs and war engines, no Grobi (Greenskin) or Thaggraki (Skaven) has ever reached its domain.

Dwarf Holds are the pride of the Dwarf race, as it was hewn by their ancestors from an earlier age and carved with such splendor, that even a lost hold dripping with Grobi and Thaggraki excreatment and foulness brings tears to the eyes of the Dwarfs reclaiming it (though in some cases it is so bad that this foulness does have the same side effects only less romantic). Built from Granite, Hewn from the bedrock of the mountains, reinforced with Gromril, even the most powerful Greenskin Warboss has been known to soil himself upon attempting to take a hold, as for such a reason, the only lost holds have been taken by Daemons, Dwarfs, Chaos warbands (only once has this happened and only because of the lack of Dwarfs in the vicinity) and a two pronged attack made by Greenskins attacking the mountain as the skaven invade the Mines and lower deeps of the hold which keeps the dwarfs fighting two fronts.

Thanks to ancient craftsmanship it is clear that to invade a hold is suicide (as it rarely succeeds), but none the less more than 8 greater holds have been taken not to mention thousands of smaller mines and holds, the Dwarfs are now more desperate than ever to reclaim them. The new High King, Thorgrim Grudge Settler has issued the Great throng of Karaz a Karak to reclaim many of these holds. hundereds are being captured as the years pass, holds no longer dripping with Grobi excreatment or Skaven horrors, Holds once again hearing the clang of mugs and tankards, the booming of the forges and the nonstop mining that makes a true hold. Where previous High Kings have seeked to re populate the remaining holds with many dwarfs so as to conserve their kind, Thorgrim understands that Dawi were meant to take the fight to the enemy and with every grudge he strikes out of the Great book of grudges, he sees his people florish as they had not since the time of the Ancestor Gods.

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