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The Dark Elves, also called Druchii, are a civilization of Elves who live in Naggaroth. The Druchii are cruel, sadistic raiders with much disdain for all other races, especially their lighter kindred the High Elves. Many believe they are the most pure evil of all races in the Warhammer World. The Dark Elves' economy revolves around piracy and slave trade from the Black Arks. Black Arks are great citadels that float on water, supported by leviathan sea creatures such as Sea Dragons.


History Edit

Thousands of years ago, the High Elves were a unified race that lived peacefully in the island kingdom of Ulthuan, until their homeland attracted the attention of Chaos forces because of the powerful magic that sorrounded the island. Aenorion, the first Phoenix King, led the Elves to victory but died soon after the war ended. However, elves' leaders refused to appoint Malekith, Aenorion's son, to the throne. Malekith slaughtered elven leaders and the official king in wrath, starting a civil war. Malekith's forces were victorious until the intervention of high elf mages who destroyed Naggarythe, the land where most of Malekith's followers lived. Malekith, Morathi and their people left Ulthuan to seek a new place to live. They found it across the ocean, in the frozen lands of Naggaroth where they built new cities, fortress, schools of witchcraft and where they domesticated Hydras, Cold Ones and a other creatures.

Naggaroth Edit

The Dark Elves live a rocky, unfertile, frozen wasteland called Naggaroth. Naggaroth contains no natural resources except forrock and iron. Since Dark Elves have no skills in mining or labor, they employ their slaves to work their mines and build their strongholds. Naggaroth is so desolate that there is no game to hunt and very little vegetation.

Naggarond, The Tower of Cold

Ghrond, The North Tower

Har Ganeth, City of Executioners

Karond Kar, Tower of Despair

Clar Karond, Tower of Doom

Hag Graef, The Dark Crag

The Black Ark of Naggor

The Watch Towers of the North

Religion - The Cytherai Edit

Cult of Khaine - State Religion

Ereth Khial 



"Cult of Slaanesh - Outlawed but powerful Chaos cult"

Army Composition Edit

Dark Elves are an army that specializes in rapid movement, powerful attacks, and destructive magic, sacrificing high toughness and good armour saves. The staple weapons of the Dark Elf army are spears and repeater crossbows. All Dark Elves (including mounts) are subject to the special rule Eternal Hatred, which makes Dark Elves hate all enemies, and, when fighting High Elves, their hatred continues to have effect in the second and subsequent round of close combat.


Shades are skirmishers equipped with a hand weapon and a repeater crossbow. Shades can be equipped with light armor and either a great weapon or an additional hand weapon.

Core Infantry Units

Spearmen are equipped with light armor and a spear, and can be equipped with a shield.
M470414 99120212001 DarkElfWarriorsMain 445x319

Dark Elf Warriors

Repeater Crossbowmen are equipped with light armor and a repeater crossbow and can be equipped with a shield.

Black Ark Corsairs are equipped with light armour, a sea dragon cloak, an a hand weapon. They must also be given either a second hand weapon or a repeater handbow for free. Their special rule "slavers" forces fleeing units to reroll their highest fleeing dice.

Elite Infantry Units

M470389 99110212077 DarkElfExecutioner5Main 445x319


Har Ganeth Executioners are armed with heavy armour and a draich (two handed weapon). These units are Khainite. Executioners have killing blow. The Executioners are cold-blooded killers who take pride in dispatching their foes with the minimum of effort. Black Guardsmen of Naggarond are armed with heavy armour and a halberd. They are subject
M470379 99110212075 DarkElfWitch5Main 445x319

Witch Elves

to the special rule warrior elite, which allows them to re-roll failed rolls to hit in every round of close combat. Black Guard are Stubborn and Immune to Psychology with a Leadership of nine and two attacks each.

Witch Elves are armed with two poisoned hand weapons. They are subject to the special rule frenzy and are Khainite units. Witch Elves are notoriously fragile, with poor elven toughness and absolutely no armor.


M1800102 99120212002 DEColdOneKnightsMain 445x319

Cold One Knights

Cold One Knights ride Cold Ones (hence the name) and are armed with heavy armor, a shield, and a lance. Cold Ones cause fear, suffer from stupidity, and count as being barded for the purpose of armour saves.

Dark Riders are one of the fastest units in the game (besides flyers). They ride Dark Elf Steeds, wear light armor, and are armed with a spear. They can be equipped with a repeater crossbow and/or a shield. If armed with a shield, they lose their fast cavalry special rule. Thay are useful for recon and skirmishes in duo with Shades.

War Machines

Reaper Bolt Throwers are bolt throwers, as the name suggests. The Reaper Bolt Thrower can choose to shoot
M470214 99060212038 DarkElfReaperMain 445x319

Reaper Bolt Thrower

one shot using

the normal rules for bolt throwers, or they can choose to fire six armour piercing strength four shots at a single unit using the crew's ballistic skill (4). They do not pass through ranks like normal bolt throwers, and do not suffer a -1 BS penalty for firing multiple shots. Reaper Bolt Thrower's are crewed by two dark elves with light armor and hand weapons.

Cold One Chariots are pulled by two (fear-causing) Cold Ones and have two crewmen.They have an exceptionally good armor save for a chariot, a 3+ save, and are automatically equipped with scythed wheels.


War Hydras are just awesome. The Hydra itself has seven attacks at strength 5. They have toughness of 5, a
M1820057 99110212090 DEWarHydraMain 445x319

War Hydra

4+ scaly skin armour save and regeneration. They have a breath weapon with strength equal to the number of wounds left in its profile, starting at 5.


Assassins are special character units that start the game hidden in any dark elf infantry unit besides harpies. Assassins can be revealed by their leader at any point of the game, at which time the assassin replaces a rank-and-file troop. Before that point, the assassin cannot be directly harmed, but if the unit that the assassin is hiding in is destroyed, the assassin counts as a casualty. Assassins are armed with a hand weapon. They can be given an additional hand weapon or a repeater handbow. An assassin cannot be the armies general. Only one assassin can be in any one infantry unit. Assassins are Khainite units.

Harpies are a special type of unit; they do not fill any core unit requirements, and do not take up a slot in the special or rare unit limit. Harpies can fly, but they cannot be equipped with a standard bearer, champion, items, etc. Harpies do not cause panic to other Dark Elf units, which is fortunate as they regularly panic due to their leadership of 6.


Malekith- Ruler of the Dark Elves; one of the most powerful sorcerers in the Warhammer world

Rakarth Dragonrider- A legeandary beastlord who tamed the dragon Bracchus

Morathi- Mother of Malekith; extremely powerful sorcerer

Lokhir Fellheart- A skilled close combat specialist

Shawdowblade- Greatest Assassin ever to be trained by the Temple of Khaine

Malus Darkblade- A cunning high born outcast who raged chaos across the lands to rid himself of a demon.

Crone Hellebron



Lord Uthorin

Mengil Manhide

Balneth Bane


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