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Frenzy- Affected unit gets one extra attack per model and is Immune to Psychology. Whenever one or more enemies are within charge range, the frenzied unit must charge one of them. If they overtake fleeing enemies, they always overrun. A frenzied unit that is beaten in combat loses Frenzy.

Hatred- A unit that hates its enemy may re-roll missed attacks to hit in the first round of combat. Units must pursue hated units defeated in combat, they cannot test on leadership as usual. If they overtake fleeing enemies, they always overrun.

Regeneration- Affected model may take a regeneration save after armour and instead of ward saves. The number to roll higher to will be on the unit's profile. If it isn't then the unit has a 4+ regeneration save. Regeneration saves cannot be modefied, but wounds from flaming attacks cannot be regenerated.

Always Strikes First- Strikes before other enemies, regardless of Initiative or charges. If a unit has always strikes first and their initiative is higher or the same as the enemy unit, they may re-roll missed to hit dice. If two enemies have this rule, resolve who strikes first as though neither unit were affected. Always Strikes Last cancels out Always Strikes First.

Always Strikes Last- Strikes last after all enemies, regardless of Initiative or charges. If the enemies has always strikes last as well then it goes by Initative. Always Strikes First cancels out Always Strikes Last. 

Scaly Skin- Gives the model an armour save that is cumulative with other armour saves. The armour save itself will be included in the model's profile.

Magical Resistance- (MR1, MR2, MR3) Provides an improvement in ward save vs magic by the factor listed i.e. MR3 provides a 4+ w ward save.

Flaming Attack- A flammable model that takes wounds from a flaming attack suffers double wounds. Regeneration saves cannot be taken from a flaming attack.

Poisoned Attacks- A roll of six to hit automatically wounds, no roll to wound is required. Armour and ward saves can be taken as normal.

Killing Blow- A roll of six to wound cannot be saved by armour. The wounded unit loses all wounds in its profile. Ward saves, but not regeneration saves, can be taken as normal does not work on monsters.

Heroic Killing Blow- Is Killing Blow but can kill any thing and every thing.

Immune to Psychology- Affected units automatically pass Panic, Fear, and Terror tests, but otherwise take Break tests normal. They also cannot flee as a charge reaction.

Stubborn- Stubborn units ignore break test modifiers, they always use the leadership on their profiles.

Unbreakable- Unbreakable are Immune to Psychology. They cannot flee as a charge reaction. They do not take break tests.

Stupidity- Stupid units/models must take a leadership test at the start of their movement phase. If the test is failed, the stupid unit stupidly moves forward six inches. If an enemy unit is in the path, the stupid unit counts as having charged it. If a friendly unit is in the path, the stupid unit is placed in base contact with the friendly unit and neither unit can move for that turn. If the test is passed, the stupid unit is controlled normally.

Cold-Blooded - Saurus warriors are naturally immune to the panic of the battlefield. They take leadership tests on 3D6 and discard the highest.

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