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Goblin 3 pt/model



I A Ld Troop Type
Goblin 4 2 3 3 3 1 2 1


Goblin Boss 4 2 3 3 3 1 2 2




Hand Weapon

Spears or Short bow +0.5 pt/model

Light Armor Shield + 0.5 pt/model
Special Rules: Banner Carrier 10pt
Fear Elves Musician 10pt
Animocity Upgrade Goblin to Boss for 10 pt

Unit Size 20+

Reading the NumbersEdit

So what did you just read? That is known as a stat block, characteristic block, unit block or some other like name. True to it's name the shows you everything you need to know about one unit. Alright. from the top!

First we see 3pt/model. This is very easy, for every one Goblin you want in your army you'll have to pay 3 points. Thusly 30 points for 10 Goblins and so on. Next I'll address the letters one by one.

First is M: this is the units Movement value. Here we see the number 4. Simply that means a Goblin can move 4 inches.

Next is WS: this is the units Weapon Skill. Here is the number 2. When rolling to see if you hit the opponent you use this number.

Then BS: This one is the units Ballistic Skill. Here as a number 3 This is how well the unit can shoot. (See [Shooting] for more)

Now S; simply this is the units Strength. If the unit hits an opponent this will decide how many of those hits were lethal. This unit has a strength of 3

And T: here's the units Toughness. Toughness is the units resistance to getting wounded. The Goblins have a 3.

Then W: this is for Wounds. They have a 1, which is very common for infantry. Wounds are how much damage a single model can take. If this unit takes three wounds, three goblins die.

Next I: this is for Initiative. This is the units agility, how fast it can react. When calculating who hits first you look at this number. Goblins have a 2.

Then A: this is for Attacks.This represents how many attacks each model gets. The more the merrier but you usually don't find more than in core. Goblins have one. But here is the reason to upgrade one Goblin to a Boss, for another one attack.

Finally Ld: and Leadership. This represents the unit's resistance to running away, be it loyalty and bravery that keeps the unit together or just stupidity it matters not. Goblins have a 6.

Another important number to realize is the unit size. The Goblin's unit size is 20+. This means that you NEED to buy 20 goblins to make one unit. You can not start a battle with less than this number. To clarify you can lose goblins during the battle to bring it lower than 20, You just need to start the fight with 20 or more goblins.


Here's the part where you get to equip your unit with different weapons armor, fighters excetra.

"Spears or Shortbows +0.5pt/model" - As it says, you can give the Goblins spears or short bows at an additional half point per model you put in the unit. Effectively making Goblins 3.5pt/model. Every model in a unit must carry the same equipment as all the others.

"Shield +0.5pt/model" - Like the last one you can give the Goblins a shield for an additional 0.5 point per every model in the unit. That means Spears and a Shield are an additional point per model.

"Banner Carrier 10 pt" "Musician 10pt" "Upgrade to a Goblin Boss for 10pt" - I put these three together because they're very similar. You can take one goblin and remove him from the unit and put a musician, banner carrier or Boss in his place for 10 points, replace two goblins for 20 points, or replace all three for 30 points. Keep in mind you can only have up to one musician, one carrier and one boss per unit.


This shows the equipment each model comes with for no charge. All Goblins go to battle armed ith a hand weapon and light armor. It should be known that every model in a fight has a hand weapon regardless of any problems. Light armor is, however not for everyone. only if it is directly stated on the unit. Light armor adds an additional bit of protection to flimsy units like Goblins.

Special RulesEdit

Almost all units have at least one special rule. This is what makes the unit, well, special. There are good rules and there are crummy rules, for the most part just take the good with the bad. Unfortunately Goblins have a bad rule and a weird rule. Animocity is a common rule in the orcs and goblins army . It works like stupidity, if you roll poorly your unit does nothing but if you roll well it can make the unit stronger. Animocity is a weird rule. Fear elves is a bad special rule to have. Although negligible against any other army, goblins still take fear tests when faced with any elves.

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