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Dwarf hold

Dwarven Stronghold

Dwarven Strongholds are carved out of mountains throughout, and are where the Dwarves live.

Strong holds Edit

Each of the strong hold has a name each one carved out of a mountan, they are all differ from each other but all show of dwarven power. There is Karak Kadrin, Zhufbar, Karak Norn, Karak Hirn,Karak Izor, Karaz-A-Karak, Barak Varr, Karak Azul.

Karak Kadrin Edit

Karak Kadrin means stronghold of the pass this strong hold guards The Peak Pass wich lets tham go acros the mountanianous.The kink of Karak Kadrin is a slayer named Ungrim Ironfist the army of Karak Kadrin has sworn to keep hte pass open for all time.


Zhufbar is on the wolrd edge mountain it is next to the Black Water.

Karak Norn Edit

It is not a vary welathy hold for it is in the Grey Mountains and it does not have as many minerals and what ore the is is vary hard to mine which tend most are poor there and have have become adventers.

Karak HirnEdit

Karak Hirn or Hornhold is high above in the Black Mountains can be found small mines, hold, and settlements. This regions are settled vary slowly, thay are not linked to the Underway, but have small road that slowly give of precious ores, none of the settements or hold of Karak Hirn are rich but are more accessible to the markes of the Empier.

 Karak LzorEdit

Dwarf hold 2

Dwarven Stronghold Gate

Karak Lzor or Copper Mountains is a land consist of deep ice-cut valleys that form a junction between the Black Mountanis and Grey Mountanis. This land is rich with iron, copper, and tin most of the fall in strongholds calans come here.


Karaz-A-Karak has many differint translats, Pinnacle of Mountains, or A Thing Which Enduers, or The Most Enduring, even Everpeak. Karaz-A-Karak has never fallen to a invader. It is the biggist and oldest of all the dwarven strongholds . Karaz-A-Karak has endured through ages past and will be there till the end of time.

Barak VarrEdit

Barak Varr means Sea Gate, it is unique that it is the only dwarf stronghold on the coast, is hold carved out of cliff over looking the sea, the dwarf of Barak Varr have ports which has trade coming in and out of the hold, to brotect there trade the dwarves of Barak Varr war ships are constructed of strong iron,  power full cannons and propel by steam boilers. 

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