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Within the dark heart of the twisted and dangerous forests of the Old World dwell hordes of Beastmen, true children of Chaos. Preying on the weak and striking without warning, the Beastmen are a plague on the civilised world, murdering and slaughtering with reckless abandon.

Beastmen are a result of a man and beast combined. Yet something is not right, a centaur is a balanced mix of these worlds meanwhile the gors and ungors of the Beastmen Warherds are twisted and molested shadows of what could be. Driven only to war and sow chaos the Beastmen armies are constantly causing something pain. While Wood Elves bring nature to battle and show how clean it is, Beastmen pervert it and draw this mutated, yet technically natural, entity to battle. With razor sharp horns and whip cord muscle these sons of war were made to slaughter.

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