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All the races of the world, be they natural or aberrant, have entered in a full scale massive war over the entire globe: The War of the Hammers. These armies are divided into three loosely aligned forces. The Forces of Order, Forces of Chaos and Forces of Neutrality.

Forces Of OrderEdit

These are those who decide a world without constant war, slavery, and debauchery is a good idea. Valor, bravery, and freedom inhabit the hearts of these stoic defenders of good. Though not always on allies terms with the other races of good, these armies will unite willingly under a unified banner.

Forces of ChaosEdit

Then there are those that only want to see the world burn, and everyone who isn't of their race enslaved, dead, or being tortured for eternity. They wield rage, hate and treatchery as weapons and are lead under a bloody banner of eternal war. The fire that burns in their hearts is that of the villages they obliterate on their path to total annihilation. Like the Forces of Order, those of Chaos aren't necessarily allies (mostly because most of the monsters in these armies don't know what an ally is) but they will cut a bloody swath of the world together if it helps further their goals. Forces of Chaos include: Skaven, Orcs & Goblins, Dark Elves, Warriors of Chaos, Deamons of Chaos, Beastmen, and Vampire Counts.

Neutral ForcesEdit

But wait there's more! Who could forget about the Tomb Kings and Ogre Kingdoms? They each have a reason to stay out of the "petty squables of lesser races," or in the case of the Ogres, they'll side with anyone who gives them food and shiny coins. When they join another army in a fight it's always only out of personal gain. These fleeting moments of united motives are distant at best with little interaction between the "allied" armies.

Rules Edit

There are some rules to mach when one army marches to war with another, made of course to mimic real mentalities when armies merge.

Trusted Allies - This encompasses two armies fighting together from the same faction, Dwarfs and The Empire, Chaos and Orc & Goblins, ect. These armies are usually happy to lend sword, bow, and magic to help the other. After all its easier to raze Empire and Bretonnian villages when you do it with your Orc friends. Also it is always good to know your dwarf allies will not let the line falter, you're as safe as being behind a wall. They are both fighting towards a common goal, and their frienship is likely reinforced by age-old oaths and the weight of a shared history.

Bound By Blood - This rule means that trusted allies can only use a friendly battle standard's Hold Your Ground special rule if they are from the same Army Book/race.

Trusted Ally units are treated as 'friendly' units from all points of view.

Suspicious Allies - This is exclusively for the two Nuetral Allies when they ally with any other amy, including eachother. It is encouraging to see mighty, big ogres fighting along side you, but it is a bit awkward to know they'd be more than happy to be picking their teeth with your femur. That is not to say either party necessarily has any reason not to trust the other - they just can't bring themselves to do so. Little encouragement can be found in the silent battle lines of the dead either.

Desperate Allies - There are some times when two armies have their backs against the wall and it can forge the most unlikely of allies, even if only for the battle. Desperate allies are those of opposing alignments, such as Dark Elves and Lizardmen, or Wood Elves and Beastmen. When a huge host of Ogres come crashing through mountain holds, the Skaven and Dwarfs might stop fighting each other long enough to repel the threat. Though they aren't technically in tandem, they will fight one common foe if need be.

Fragile Alliances - Some races, specifically Skaven and Dark Elves, are so untrustworthy that not even their own kin can trust them for long. Worse, their manipulative presence tends to sour relations between other allied parties. An alliance that includes Skaven or Dark Elves automatically is a fragile alliance. All relations in a fragile alliance start out normally, according to the various alignments. However, each player in a fragile alliance must roll a D6 at the start of his turn - on a roll of 1-3, all of that player's alliances become one step worse for the rest of the game until or unless they already are desperate allies.

Trusted Suspicious Desperate
Can use allied General's Inspiring Presense Yes No No
Can use allied Battle Standard's Hold Your Ground * No No
Can be joined by allied Characters Yes No No
Cause Panic tests in allies Yes Yes No
Are treated as friendly units for the purpose of spells Yes Yes No
Have to take Dangerous Terrain tests when fleeing through allies No No Yes
Can use allied Battle Standard if the same race Yes No No

* Only if they are from the same army book/race

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